Our service consist of worship through music, followed by a time of teaching, and is about 90 minutes long.  The pastor teaches from the Bible, bringing messages of truth, hope, and love. 


We have 2 parking lots available on church campus. Handicap parking is located on Don Tomaso Drive, near the Sanctuary side entrance. There is also a handicap ramp located at the main entrance of the Sanctuary.



We understand it can be intimidating to be a first time visitor. We have assembled a team of greeters who can’t wait to meet you and show you around!  When our greeters meet you on the parking lot feel free to say, “This is my first time” and they’ll guide you in. Our goal is to create a  welcoming experience from the parking lot into the heart of our congregation.
COME AS YOU ARE! You will see everything from suits and dresses to jeans and t-shirts.


Complimentary refreshments are served Sundays at the courtyard following the worship service.
We strive to provide a safe environment for children. Children’s church is available every Sundays where children up to 5th grade are welcome. All of our volunteers must pass a background check and enjoy working with children.


Using the Old & New Testament, the teaching is centered on Christ’s Crucifixion. It is taught in a modern and understandable way in hopes to be applied and used in your everyday life. We believe this is the foundation that changes men life.

Our service is a blend of contemporary and traditional styles of worship that include. We have music that is lively, including drums and hammond B3 Organ and other stringed instruments. Some people may be seen raising their hands while singing, and may respond while the pastor is preaching. Our desire is to create an atmosphere of freedom in our services for all.


If you have specific questions, email us at

crenshawumcla@gmail.com, or call us at (323) 292-0141

We hope to meet you Sunday!